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Category: Cables and Wire

 Cable Assemblies and Patch Cords  Single Conductor, Hook-Up, Lead Wire
 Ribbon, Flat
 Twisted Pair
 Fiber Optic
 Flat Flex and Accessories
 Twist-to-Flat  Power Cords and Accessories
 Accessories  Twinaxial


Components in this category:

The main components used in electronics are of two general types: passive (e.g. resistors and capacitors) and active (e.g. transistors and integrated circuits). The main difference between active and passive components is that active ones require to be powered in some way to make them work. Active components can also be used to amplify signals. If you aren't already familiar with how materials conduct electricity and behave as insulators and semi-conductors you might find it helpful to read the pages linked to the picture of a good conductor before going on to read about components.